A prepaid VISA, MasterCard or eftpos, not a credit card, you can only spend the allocated funds that has been loaded onto the card.


Use anywhere VISA, MasterCard and eftpos cards are accepted – 25 million stores worldwide and online. Ultimate choice and flexibility for everyday spend


Spending power up to $4,999 
– it’s your choice


Your own card design, or your corporate logo on one of our 30 generic designs, or purely one of our generic designs – it’s your choice


Personalised to the recipient or cardholder


Single-load (a disposable prepaid VISA, MasterCard or eftpos card which can only be used until the balance is spent) or reloadable VISA or MasterCard card (which can be topped up over and over again)


Simple, instant issuance as you don’t need a bank account or a 100 point check. No lengthy applications or approval process


Prepaid cards are the best and most attractive way to say ‘thank you’

Prepaid eftpos cards are prefunded cards you load your money on and spend in any store in Australia. Complete flexibility for everyday spending, with a $1,000 limit.

What makes prepaid cards unique is their outstanding design. Whether you wish your card to display your corporate logo or simply one of our generic designs, we leave you with freedom of choice. Prepaid cards come both single-loaded and reloadable, so it is up to you to decide whether you would like to use them only until the balance is spent or keep recharging them. They are simple to use, with instant insurance, as no bank account is needed, nor are lengthy and tedious application processes.

Prepaid cards are an amazing gift idea! Use Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards to get your gift card, as we have the best prepaid cards in Australia! They are certainly the best way to say ‘thank you’, so get one yourself today and enjoy all of its perks.

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