Pinpoint Gift Card for Staff Expenses, and Employee Rewards and Recognition

By June 24, 2015 Case Studies No Comments


Pinpoint, Asia Pacific’s largest and most successful marketing company, wanted to find a cheaper alternative to the Corporate Expense Credit Cards they were providing to its staff.

Pinpoint has over 400 staff based in Sydney and many of these have Corporate Expense Credit Cards that are used for taxis, client entertainment, advertising costs and other work related expenses.

The company found that Corporate Expense Credit Cards featured costly fees and were time consuming for the finance team who were constantly chasing up receipts.

The company felt there must be a better way to operate expense accounts without using credit cards or leaving staff out of pocket, so decided to look in house at its own products to see whether there was another way to run the expense accounts.

Pinpoint chose to replace Corporate Expense Credit Cards with a pre-loaded Universal Gift Card Expense Card. The card would be topped up monthly or as required, and staff can use it for all work related expenses.

The use of the reloadable Universal Gift Card in place of a Corporate Credit Card has seen huge savings in fees across the company.

This has also seen a reduction in time spent by the finance team during end of month account keeping as the spending reports are able to be accessed online at any time.

From a branding point of view, Pinpoint loves seeing their brand in the market place, a great billboard in the wallet, therefore a custom personalised reloadable card was chosen.