OPTUS: Rewards for both regional and metro based staff members

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<p style=”clear:none;”>Optus wanted to reward its staff for hard work and going beyond the call of duty. The reward needed to be flexible because each reason for staff recognition had a different budget.</p>

<p style=”clear:none;”>Also, Optus comprises a large network of offices located across Australia in both regional and metro areas it meant that Optus found it difficult to choose a gift that would suit its entire staff. Retail gift cards were an unsuitable option because many stores do not have a true national presence and they limit the recipient’s shopping choices.</p>

<p style=”clear:none;”>Universal Gift Cards were able to offer Optus the ideal solution – they could present their staff with an Optus-branded Universal Gift Card, a prepaid Visa gift card that can be spent anywhere that Visa is accepted, including online.</p>

<p style=”clear:none;”>Optus staff would be able to use their Universal Gift Card to buy anything they wanted from anywhere they pleased.</p>

<p style=”clear:none;”>This meant that all their staff would be able to use it, with the added bonus of Optus branding.</p>

<p style=”clear:none;”>Optus were able to put any amount they wished on each card. This allowed flexibility in what each reward was worth, ensuring they remained within budget and rewarded different people with the full amount they deserved.</p>

<p style=”clear:none;”>“Universal Gift Cards offered a cost effective solution that allows us to reward staff and keep in our budget,” Allison Shepherd, Franchise Development Executive and Consumer Sales, Optus.</p>

<p style=”clear:none;”>“It is great as the cards can be used regional and metro for both our individual and team rewards.”</p>