Prepaid MasterCard Cards


Whether you are in need of a singleload card or a reloadable one, visit today to find the perfect prepaid MasterCard gift card for you. Regardless of the purpose, here at Corporate Prepaid Giftcards, we are certain that you will stumble upon the prepaid mastercard gift card that will meet your needs.

With the limit of $4,999 and the ability to use it in over 500,000 Australian stores, 25,000 storesĀ  around the world and online, it is obvious that our prepaid MasterCard gift card is certainly not “just another credit card”. What makes it unique is its outstanding design, and here at Corporate Prepaid Giftcards, we let you choose your own. Whether you wish to have your corporate logo on one of our generic designs, or you prefer a card with our generic design only, the choice is yours.

Prepaid MasterCard gift cards abound here at! We can set you up with a MasterCard prepaid gift card suitable for any purpose you can imagine! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our friendly staff who are always at your disposal.

Should this be 25 million rather than 25,000?